PC hollow sheet or polycarbonate panels many applications in the building

 To emphasize not only the face of the trend of the property market pick up, unswervingly adhere to the property market regulation, have to come up with specific, effective policies and measures. At least the PC sheet industry, PC hollow sheet or polycarbonate panels many applications in the building, such as a large number of skylights, canopy, cut off all used PC hollow sheet or polycarbonate panels in such a market situation, we must take advantage of good opportunities, but missed will not come back. PC sheet real estate development enterprises to break the traditional concrete pouring, "PC sheet member with precast concrete, pre-made PC sheet" to fight "to the residential buildings. Concerned that, the PREFAB technology will greatly reduce environmental pollution of the future multi downtown high-rise residential building great reference. The assembly of such environmental construction practices will be expected to take the lead used in the construction of affordable housing. Currently, our assembly building technology is still in its infancy, such as projects under construction still Jingyuan its Prefabricated only for 20%, compared to residential prefabricated rate in developed countries up to 60% -90% . To ensure macroeconomic and real estate market, both "soft landing", not only need to continue to strictly implement the central policies of market regulation and, more importantly, to take effective measures to further the implementation of the accountability system of real estate regulation, improve the differentiation of the credit policy, real estate taxes to expand the pilot to improve the protection of housing construction, promote the prices reasonable return.
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